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Quantity and quality are both overrated

Derek Williams
14 June
Well what is there to say? Musical genius and fan of synthesiser music. Largely 1980's style synthesiser music. I do some rather good music myself in varying style from synth pop to extreme experimental industrial. Take a look at the website. I shall elaborate a bit further soon.

Soon obviously being many months after I started this thing. Maybe I should mention some things I don't like.

For instance I generally speaking don't like drugs. They do cause crime and soft drugs can lead to harder drugs. (not with everyone but with some people). However most of my favourite music and books are drug inspired.

I don't like alcohol, there's no drinks that I like that feature the substance I'm afraid. So you'll never see me drunk. (even though I may appear that way)

I don't like it when people won't try to do things and give up before they have even started. And people who don't put enough effort into life to get along and then moan about how bad their life is.

I'm out to make myself famous and very rich. Which I'm sure I will do eventually.

I like cats very much, cats are heavenly wonderful things. Which is fact anyway.

I like colourful pop and hold 'being cool' in considerable disdain. There's nothing wrong with having fun. And there's nothing wrong with being bright and colourful. So many people seem to think Daphne and Celeste were awful but I thought they were charming fun. Their music wasn't meant to be serious, it was for having fun with. Some people evidently don't have a sense of humour.

I don't believe in putting on a different face for different people or changing to suit a certain group. I am what I am and people should accept that. I'm not maladjusted or anything like that so it shouldn't be hard.

So there you have it.

Oh and by the way:

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